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A new CBD product purely focused on the niche of training and performing athletes.

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Designed specifically to support triathletes to go faster and harder every time

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Increasing numbers of performing athletes are using CBD alongside other supplements as part of a daily training schedule. The use of CBD is widely accepted across numerous sporting bodies and is not prohibited by WADA. CBD Triathlete's performance range, TRI ISO, has been specifically formulated with tri and endurance athletes in mind, to aid with pre-workout preparation and post-workout recovery. CBD Triathlete's TRI ISO range has also been independently tested and verified as containing only pure CBD, so that you can have confidence and certainty in the products we offer.

Three products for a range of applications to use within your training routine

CBD Triathlete is proud to introduce TRI ISO, our performance range for performing athletes. As athletes, we understand that everyone has their own training routine and that no two are the same. We have therefore created TRI ISO in three different application forms; a sublingual Tincture, a joint and muscle lotion and a muscle balm, so that you can use it in a way that best suits you and your training routine. The TRI ISO formulation of pure CBD together with other beneficial and natural ingredients, with qualities known to reduce inflammation and promote recovery and restoration, is designed to help you stay strong and be fit to train.

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Pure CBD Triathlete Products for Performing Athletes

CBD Triathlete provides a range of products designed to suit your training schedule

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What our customers say...

"I use CBD Triathlete products as I find them really good for recovery and they help me sleep a lot better"
Joe Skipper triathlete at CBD Triathlete Joe Skipper Professional Triathlete
"I wanted to create a product that would help others the way it helped me - for all athletes"
John Conquest Founder