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CBD Triathlete at the Long Course Weekend 2022, Tenby, Wales

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Written by Heena Jadeja
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You may have seen us ruling the Recovery Zone recently at the Long Course Weekend with our 100% pure CBD products. It was the first time we had an opportunity to meet you all in person which was an absolute pleasure and so much fun.


Many of you stopped by, interested in the products as well as to let us know that you were already using the products and the positive impact you all had in terms of healthy sleep and effective recovery. We really were overwhelmed by the positive response and excited by the interest generated. 

Best CBD Products for Sleep and Recovery

For those of you who didn’t get the opportunity to come and speak with us, and in response to some of the commonly asked questions, we thought it would be helpful to provide some information on CBD and hopefully encourage you to give CBD Triathlete’s TRI ISO range a try.

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is naturally found cannabinoid in cannabis plants . Several plants in nature contain cannabinoids, but cannabis is the only plant known to contain CBD. CBD is increasingly seen as a revolution in human health and wellness. CBD shares a similar structure to the cannabinoids which exist in our own bodies, referred to as endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids have been identified to modulate all the important functions of the body. Sharing a similar structure to the body’s own cannabinoid system, CBD is thought to be able to play a major role in building and maintaining human health as a natural supplemental promoting healthy and restful sleep, effective muscle recovery, reducing anxiety, as well as several other benefits.

Many people assume that because CBD comes from the cannabis plant that it will produce psychoactive effects. This is not true. Only THC, another cannabinoid commonly associated with the cannabis plant produces the psychoactive effect. CBD Triathlete’s TRI ISO range is THC-free and therefore will not get you “high”.

We take great care to ensure that we only use pure CBD isolate in our TRI ISO range. All our TRI ISO products are tested by both the manufacturer and third-party laboratories for THC. We use PhytoVista Laboratories to test all of our batches produced and have shared their finding on the product pages. You can also find these results by scanning the QR code on the side of the packaging.

The World Anti-Doping Agency and UK Anti-Doping Agency have both removed CBD from the banned substance list. Competitive athletes are therefore permitted to use CBD. Competitive athletes should however be aware, that unlike CBD Triathlete’s TRI ISO range which is THC-free and designed with athletes in mind, that some CBD products do contain THC.

When used as a daily supplement, our customers have found that it: - Improves sleep quality - Reduces anxiety and stress - Reduces inflammation - Improves focus - Reduces aches and pains. The benefits are though to help you to train harder and recover faster.

No, you won’t get instant results. The products we sell are supplemental and preventive in nature, so they won't guarantee immediate results. It takes over a week to start noticing results from these supplements.

We have created our products in three different application forms; a sublingual Oil/Tincture, a joint and muscle lotion and a muscle balm, so that you can use it in a way that best suits you and your training routine. Please see below:
icon CBD Oil for Pain used by Ruth Astle at CBD Triathlete

Our TRI ISO CBD oil for pain relief:

Directions For Use: Put a few drops under the tongue 2-3 times daily. Leave the oil in your mouth for 60 seconds before swallowing. Gradually build up the dose. This can be different for each individual and the extent to which you train. Use within one month of opening. Shake well before use.
Dosage: Each drop contains 5mg of CBD. As athletes, your consumption of CBD may vary so we have created an oil which contains a higher strength of CBD per ml, to improve its effects for training athletes. We recommend starting with 15 drops per day and increasing as necessary.

CBD Oil for Pain TRI ISO – 3000mg/30ml
icon CBD Muscle Balm used by Nikki Bartlett pre-workout at CBD Triathlete

Our TRI ISO CBD Muscle Balm:

Directions For Use: Gently warm a generous amount of our CBD Muscle Balm on fingertips/ hands and massage into dry skin to stimulate circulation and blood flow.
Dosage: Can be applied pre or post workout or at least once a day for relief from tired and aching muscles.

CBD Muscle Balm TRI ISO
icon CBD Cream for Pain used by Joe Skipper at CBD Triathlete

Our TRI ISO CBD Pain Relief Cream:

Directions For Use: Gently massage the CBD Pain Relief Cream where required to ease and soothe tired and aching joints and muscles.
Dosage: Our CBD Pain Relief Cream can be used all day, but the best results can be seen post workout. We recommend massaging the lotion on sore muscles and joints.

CBD Pain Relief Cream TRI ISO

For any other questions you may have, please reach out via Instagram, which is the quickest way to reach us.

Our Long Course Weekend attendees received a special discount code. In case you missed it, the code is : LCW10. When used at the checkout you will receive a 10% off. If used in conjunction with the already discounted bundle, your discount will increase to 20%.

A massive congratulations to the winner- Donald Brooks.

We are grateful for the opportunity to attend the Long Course Weekend 2022. A big thank you to its organizers and our fellow partners- Velaforte, Vicki White Sports Massage Therapy, 220 Triathlon, Mike’s Bikes and Erdinger and congratulations again to the winner – Donald Brooks.

We look forward to seeing you all at Long Course Weekend 2023 and wish you the best of the luck for the remainder of the season!