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Injury Recovery for Athletes

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Written by Adam Bailey
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The multidisciplinary training and level of exercise required to compete in a triathlon may increase the likelihood of overuse injuries for performing athletes. Recognising the early signs of an injury like pain, joint stiffness or soreness is important as it can help athletes to manage their recovery, keep training and keep competing.

A focus on training, rest and recovery and proper equipment can help reduce the likelihood of experiencing joint pain and stiffness during or after an event.

According to studies, CBD can reduce inflammation to improve mobility and pain. When used as a topical pain relief balm, it can reduce inflammation and aid in post-workout recovery.

CBD topical lotions have a blend of high-quality carrier oils or essential oils infused with CBD derived from hemp. These topical solutions get absorbed quickly and provide quick relief from post-workout pain , soreness and other relative injuries.

Another common issue for triathletes during training are muscle cramps. Dehydration was previously thought to be the cause of muscle cramps, however recent research has shown it can be because of premature fatigue. When muscles are overworked, the reflexes slow down and result in cramps. CBD topicals have been shown to be effective on muscle spasms, supporting performing athletes to continue with training or their race and winning over their injuries .